Carnivor Beef Aminos 300 Tablets

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Carnivor Beef Aminos Benefits:

  • High Concentrations of Quality Amino Acids 
  • Full Spectrum of Essential Amino Acids 
  • Helps Increase Muscle Size and Strength 


Product Description

What Is Carnivor Beef Aminos?

CARNIVOR BEEF AMINOS is an ultra-concentrated amino acid dietary supplement available in tablet form. It is used to promote a better, more sustained state of muscle building and recovery. Each bottle provides 300 tablets. CARNIVOR BEEF AMINOS is strictly intended for healthy adults 18 years of age and over who wish to promote muscle building and recovery. For maximum results, CARNIVOR BEEF AMINOS should be used in conjunction with a regular program of progressive resistance exercise. To build muscle, you must stimulate your muscle cells to build, or synthesize, more protein. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They are also the most powerful class of nutrient for stimulating muscle protein synthesis. CARNIVOR BEEF AMINOS provides your body with every amino acid required for muscle protein synthesis, in higher concentrations than occur in beef, and without the fat, cholesterol, or excess calories. Plus, CARNIVOR BEEF AMINOS is formulated with additional ingredients to support muscle building and recovery, and promote greater gains in muscle mass, strength and overall performance.

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