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The IronMaxx Hellfire Powder is the perfect dietary supplement for all figure conscious and athletes during the diet phase. In addition to the Thermogenetic Burn formula, the innovative Metabolic Heat Complex ensures the reliable effect. Lifestyle drink with hellish good side effect! Much of the population, including numerous athletes, craves a slim, well-trained and healthy body. For a confident body feeling, a low percentage of body fat is usually relevant. The Hellfire® Zero lifestyle drink from Iron.


Maxx® thus fulfils different wishes: on the one hand, it is a tasteful enjoyment drink, on the other hand, the ingredients used Niacin and Vitamin B6 contribute to a normal energy metabolism. The choline used contributes to normal fat metabolism and to a normal metabolism of macronutrients. The best of nature (free from ephedrin!)


In order to use the best of nature, we have used numerous herbal extracts, such as guarana extract, citrus extract, green tea extract or mate tea extract. This gives the product natural momentum.


Thanks to the guarana extract used, the product naturally contains caffeine. No ephedrine is used, which has now been officially prohibited due to the numerous side effects, such as sleep disorders, headaches, aggressiveness, trembling and nervousness. In contrast to some competitors, Hellfire® is completely safe and free from unwanted side effects.


The active ingredients contribute to:


• Niacin contributes to normal energy metabolism.

Direction of use
Warning: Do not exceed the recommended daily intake! Do not replace a balanced and varied diet! Keep out of reach of small children! It can increase heart rate, arrhythmias and pressure. If you are taking other medicines at the same time, talk to your family doctor! Contains caffeine! Not recommended for children and pregnant women (120mg/250ml).


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